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Patient Participation at The Otford Medical Practice

There have been huge changes in the way that the NHS is managed and funded. The voice of patients at GP surgeries across the county is now even more vital in ensuring that the services provided really do meet the needs of local communities.

At the Otford surgery, there are now 2 active patient groups:

  1. An online group, now called the Patient Reference Group (PRG). If you would like to join this group, please visit the Otford Medical Practice website www.otfordmedicalpractice.nhs.uk
  2. A small group of patients (the Patient Participation Group or PPG) meets face to face with staff to promote cooperation between patients and the practice.

This PPG group is keen to represent patient views as fully as possible. It will also have a role in providing input to the West Kent Commissioning Group (CCG), which now holds the funding for NHS services, and to the Care Quality Commission (CQC). The CQC is the independent regulator of all health and social care in England (GP practices, hospitals, care homes, home-care agencies and dental practices).

The main ways in which patients can make suggestions or comments to the PPG:

  • the PPG box in the reception area
  • via the Patient Group section of the practice website
  • via the On Line group

All feedback will remain confidential to the PPG.

Copies of the Terms of Reference of the PPG are available at the surgery or online at the practice website: www.otfordmedicalpractice.nhs.uk

Two recent changes that we would like to bring to your attention are:

  • During peak times, such as 08:30 in the morning, you can ring to make an appointment on either of the surgery numbers – 01959 523929 (Appointments ) or 01959 524633 (General Enquiries ).
  • We do offer some appointments in advance so it is not necessary to ring on the day for a routine appointment.

Would you like to have a say about the services provided at the Otford Medical Practice. Our Patient Participation Group would like to hear your views.

By leaving your email details we can contact you every now and again to ask you to take part in a survey and answer a question or two.

Contact forms are available from reception and on the back of the leaflets that are available in the waiting area.

Your On Line group Needs You

Would you like to join the Otford Medical Practice On Line group?
Being part of this group will give you the opportunity to put forward your views regarding the services we deliver and a chance to influence any changes or new services that may be being considered.

We would like to be able to find out the opinions of as many patients as possible, and are aware that finding time to attend meetings can be difficult with the busy life styles that we all lead. Therefore we are asking if people would like to provide their email addresses so they can become part of a Patient Reference Group. Once you are a member then we will contact you from time to time by email to ask you a question or two.

If you wish to join the group please complete the contact form and return it to the surgery by email, post or by hand.

Your contact details will only be used for this purpose and will be kept safely.

Click Here – To join the practice Patient Participation Group online.

Contacting The Patient Participation Group (PPG)

If you wish to make any suggestions or comments to the group you can email them to the PPG below. Providing your contact details is optional but if you would like the PPG to respond to you then they will require your contact details. All feedback will be treated in the strictest confidence :

The NHS Family and Friends Test

This questionnaire has been developed by the Patient Participation Group in collaboration with the Otford Medical Practice. The results will be shared with the practice but no individual will be identified.
For further information about patient participation activities, please contact us at otford.ppg@nhs.net or go to the Otford Medical Practice website at www.otfordmedicalpractice.nhs.uk


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Patient Participation Group Terms Of Reference

You can Click Here to view our Patient Participation Group Terms Of Reference.

 Proposed changes to the NHS

Please Click Here to view our letter about the proposed changes to the NHS.

Contact Details

Main Lines: 01959 524633
Appointment Line: 01959 523929

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