Healthcare Team

District Nurses

We have a team of District Nurses attached to our Practice. Their primary role is to provide continuation of care in the community at the request of the hospital or the doctor. They offer full nursing care such as dressings, injections and care during terminal illness. They also provide links to other agencies such as social services. They can be contacted on 01732 470336


Health Visitors

The Practice also has a team of Health Visitors. Part of their role is to offer advice and support to young mothers, but they can also offer advice and support on many health issues, for example stopping smoking, caring for a disabled relative and staying healthy as an older person. They can be contacted on 01732 470345.


Community Midwives

The community Midwives take over the care of all pregnant patients once they have been referred by the Doctor. They arrange all the appropriate checks throughout the pregnancy and will liaise with the Doctor and Consultant where necessary. A Midwife will be present at the birth and for a short period after the birth to ensure all is well with the mother and baby. The midwives can be contacted on 01732 470341.