Care Navigation

About Care Navigation

Care Navigation is about identifying your needs and offering you the choice to see a more appropriate professional in the practice team (or maybe somewhere else), without perhaps the need for seeing the GP at all. 

At Otford Medical Practice we now triage all of our medical requests using our online AccuRx triage system, this ensures we can direct you to the most appropriate health clinician for your needs, whether this be the GP, a pharmacist, a counsellor, a physiotherapist, a nurse or perhaps a relevant support group or support service.

By working this way, it helps to free up time for GP's to care for patients with complex or serious health conditions that can only be managed by the GP. More importantly though, it means people are seen first by the clinician that is best placed to manage their clinical problem.

The choice is always yours though, and you will never be refused a GP appointment but we hope you will see the value of seeing another health professional if they are able to help.

If you would like someone to explain this to you in person, a member of our practice team will be happy to help.