Private Services

Some services fall outside of the NHS and for these a charge may be made. These are BUPA/ PPP forms, private certificates, passport applications, some travel vaccinations, and various special examinations for employment, elderly drivers’, insurance, sports and schools etc.

A full list of these services together with current prices is on display in the entrance to the waiting room.

The Doctors will not necessarily be able to complete all forms and patients are asked to submit forms for assessment by the doctor. A member of staff will then contact the patient to confirm that the Doctor will complete the form and to advise if a fee is chargeable.

Written consent is required for all reports or forms so please ensure you sign the consent section. If there is not a consent section on the form please ask the reception staff for a surgery consent form. This must be completed and signed and submitted with your form. Failure to supply written consent will delay the process as the Doctor will not process the paperwork without it.